May 172013
The Greatest Diet Myths and the Diet Facts

One can really find all kinds of crazy things on the Internet, and how people tell their “secrets” for losing weight. It’s amazing the lengths people will go to when trying to get rid of those last few pounds, and I know some friends that did pretty silly things to lose weight.

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Oct 152012
How To Get Fat In Ten Easy Steps

I am a jack-of-all-trades, master of none, though I would prefer to be called a Renaissance Woman.  (I suspect I am lacking some of the necessary ingredients to be that.)  I can play the piano, but I’m no concert pianist.  I write, yet, no Pulitzer Prize.  I sing, but have I ever won an audition […]

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My Back-Stabbing So-Called Friend

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Sep 182012
My Back-Stabbing So-Called Friend

We were friends for a long time. Back when I rifled through my mother’s hidden stash of marshmallows, you were there. When I sneaked cookies from the jar and restacked them so no one would notice, you were there. You even came along to my grandmother’s house that summer when I was just nine. How […]

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Hello… I’m Fat!

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Aug 192012
Hello... I'm Fat!

I was thirteen years old when I began my first diet.  At the time, I stood 5’7″ tall and weighed 136.  I compared myself to the flat-stomached girls at school and hated, despised, and loathed my body.  Never mind that my weight was perfectly normal for my height.  My self-consciousness was also perfectly normal, but […]

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Self-Disclosure: Good for the Soul

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Jul 232012
Self-Disclosure: Good for the Soul

You know when you first meet a stranger and that stranger babbles on and on, disclosing way too much information within the first ten minutes of your meeting?  And you kind of think, hey, I hardly know you–please, stop!  And then later, you vow to avoid that person who clearly has no personal boundaries? 

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Jun 202012

If you thought having just over one third of Americans considered obese today was worrisome, you won’t like the new estimate that shows we’re all getting fatter. By 2030 a whopping 42% of Americans are going to fall into this unhealthy, uncomfortable weight category.

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